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Testimonials: Testimonials

Our Rudy, one of the "Terrific 10" celebrated his 10th Birthday with his family on May 2, 2021. He has brought our family more happiness and joy than we could have possibly imagined was possible. We love you to the moon and back Rudy a/k/a Love Love!


First and foremost, Amy is a responsible breeder. Our dog, Gertie, came into our lives ten years ago and three vets that she has seen in her life have all commented on what a good breeder Amy is.  She does all of the right things when it comes to genetics.  

Amy also listens and asks all of the right questions relative to matching you with the right dog.  Somehow Amy knew which puppy at six weeks old was going to be a future therapy dog and which one was going to believe the world would revolve around her.  I chose the "world revolve around her" and the other little puppy became a therapy dog.  And although Gertie isn't a therapy dog, she probably could be.  She is as sweet and snuggly as you can imagine.  She loves just being around people. I know this is a lab trait, but in Amy's dogs that trait is magnified.

We will definitely go back to Skyview Labradors when it comes time to get a new puppy!  


We joined Amy's Family in 2011 when we got our first dog, Bella.  In 2018, we decided to add to our family again.  Though we had moved out of New Jersey, we travelled back to Amy.  Captain became our second dog from Amy and SkyView Labradors.

In 2020, we found ourselves looking for another puppy and seeking Amy's guidance.  LuLu Beane arrived for the Christmas holidays!  Best Christmas ever.

I realized recently that I have known Amy for 10 years.  When I say that we joined her Family, I mean it!  With her dogs, you join Amy's pack so to speak.  She continues to be a great resource to me.  We chat more than ever now because LuLu is a sister to one of the dogs she kept from Farrah's litter in Fall 2020.  She has also become a great friend.

Amy, and now her daughter, Mary, care for their dogs and look for people who will care at the same level.   After 10 years with SkyView Labradors, there is no where else I would rather look to when adding a furry member to my family.  


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